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About Sabretech

Sabretech Associates Limited provides System Engineering Services and Support, including but not limited to, System Architecture, System Design and Development, System Engineering, interactive websites, Software development, device drivers, interface development and communications protocols.

This site is not, however, intended to advertise the company. It is simply an outlet for anything that I would like to share with others.

Everything here is free. If you use any of my applications commercially or for educational purposes then please let me know. I have no intention of charging but I would like to know what they are being used for.


I have been writing and developing software for over 30 years in many different high and low level programming languages, including assembler. I have written many applications, drivers, utilities, libraries, functions, routines and classes. A large proportion have been produced as part of my job but many have simply been to solve a problem that I experienced or to practice a new method or language, or work with a new design tool or development environment.

I enjoy writing software and producing applications and utilities to assist in my work, solve a problem or make my life easier in some shape or fashion.

It occurred to me that others may be able to make use of some of the things I have produced so I thought I would establish this site to allow access to them. The documentation I produce for my own use is almost certainly not good enough for general consumption and I hesitate to release any application without at least a minimal user guide, which is why there is not a lot more available here at the moment.

The applications provided are free. If they work for you, good. If not then let me know and I will see what I can do but please bear in mind that I do have to work for a living as well! If you are using anything commercially or for educational purposes then please let me know.

What's available?

I thought I would start with my three most recent applications as these can be more easily documented than some of my older work. I have also provide one of my oldest applications (Thought!), a design and planning tool for producing structure diagrams. Its an application I have used for many years and continue to use even now. If you are just starting out in programming software it is a good place to start with software design and structure.

1. IPCamMonitor is my idea of a better way to access my fixed Dericam IP Camera. The Dericam is very similar to the Foscam IP Camera (both are pretty cheap on eBay) so it may also work also with Foscam IP Cameras. It can probably be made to work with others. There is a standard interface for IP cameras but few cameras use it?

2. ADSLModem monitor is an application to access my D-Link ADSL modem to calculate my monthly internet usage. My usage is limited and exceeding the limit results in an extortionate charge for 'over usage'. There are numerous utilities to monitor your own computer but none that I could find to calculate the usage of all the devices on the network. It should also work with other modems which support Telnet.

3. GPS Simulator. This java application runs as a service and supplies data on a TCPIP port. This allows it to be used locally or remotely and redirected to a serial port using a tool like Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE). The control interface is also java and runs as an applet from a browser (remote) or an application (local). It can be controlled manually or driven using a 'standard' GPS data file to provide a replay facility. It will appear here 'soon' if anyone requests me to publish it?

4.Thought! is one of my oldest applications. It allows the rapid creation and manipulation of Structure diagrams and is based on the Jackson structured programming (JSP) method. Whilst JSP has long been superceded, the approach remains valid. There are two models. The first model is intended for programmers and includes support for Local and System subroutines. The second model is for general purpose type structures. Neither model specifically restricts the usage to the envisaged purpose.

Other 'stuff'?

1. New 'stuff'. I will try to document and make 'more user friendly' anything I create from now on but I am not promising anything!

2. With the older 'stuff', I am not sure. Things I find useful may not be useful to others? Things that are 'too much effort' will probably never get done as I still work for a living!

How do I get them?

Click on the menu links at the top of the page for the ones I have provided so far. Contact me to express an interest in anything else. If you have any idea's for the 'must have' application then let me know. If I am interested then I might create it!


SabreTech Associates Ltd. Lanview, Bunker Street. Freckleton. Lancashire PR4 1HA