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Question: If you are a software and website development company, why is your website so 'ordinary'?
Answer: The site is not an advertisement for Sabretech Associates Ltd. It is simply an outlet for some of the software I have developed. It took me 10 minutes to create the template (and about 6 hours to enter all the information). It is well known that car mechanics often have the worst cars, the same principle applies here.

Question: I tried your software and it didn't work for me. Can you help?
Answer: Possibly, but I do have to work for a living and the applications are just a hobby for me. If you contact me and provide details of the problem you are having then I will have a look. I can't make any promises and I may not have enough information to resolve any issues with different hardware.

Question: I have found a bug in your software. What should I do?
Answer: No software is completely free of bugs and mine is no exception although I try my best to minimise any chance of errors and bugs. Contact me and let me know what the bug is. The more details you provide the more likely it is that I can find it. If I can confirm it then I will try and correct it in the next version.

Question: I want more functionality or a change to that provided. What can I do?
Answer: Contact me with details of the change you would like. If I think its a good idea and I can find the time then I might implement it in the next version.

Question: Do you plan to update the applications?
Answer: Any plans for changes are details in the 'Future Updates' section of the relevant page. If this section does not exist then I am not currently planning to do any updates.

SabreTech Associates Ltd. Lanview, Bunker Street. Freckleton. Lancashire PR4 1HA