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General Model

Thought General Model

General Objects

General Objects
Action Sentence A none decomposable basic Object
Paragraph Paragraph A decomposable Object
Chapter Chapter A decomposable Object

Action Icons

The General Model Action icons function in the same way as the Programmer Action icons.

Decomposable Objects

The Paragraph and Chapter Objects are decomposable Objects and can be used to 'hide' sections of the structure. Each decomposable Object is unique and is not connected in any way to other Objects.

The content of a decomposable Object can be seen and edited by right clicking on the Object. The Object and its contents will be displayed in the main window. Right clicking the main Object returns to the main structure.

Object Editing

Object Editing is detailed on the Programmers Model page.


File Menu    
New Create a New structure. A dialog is displayed to select either 'General' or 'Programmers' model
Open Open a previously created structure
Save Save the current structure
Save As Save the current structure under a new name
Print Print the displayed strucure
Print All Print all structures in the the current model
Exit Exit Thought!
Options Menu    
Preferences Display the Prefences dialog
Font Display the fonts dialog
Help Menu    
Online help Open a browser window to display the Sabretech Thought! page
Check for update Contacts the Sabretech website to check for a newer version of Thought!
About Display the About Thought! dialog


The keys are detailed on the Programmers Model page.


The Preferences dialog is detailed on the Programmers Model page.


Font selection is detailed on the Programmers Model page.


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